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Best Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pet owners often have to struggle with managing pet hair around the home and with pet odor. Unless you are the proud owner of snakes, lizards, fish or other non hairy creatures pet hair can get everywhere and anywhere. Even if you have hard floors not carpeting there are still areas that pet hair get that can be hard to reach, but any furnishings, rugs or carpeted areas it can also get worked in and embedded good. Thankfully the days of hand picking it out are behind us as there are several vacuum cleaners on the market now that are good for pet hair. But which is the best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair and what should you be looking for?

The fact is innovation in the vacuum market is constantly happening so what might be the best cleaner one year could become less so the next! There are a lot of good manufacturers so there are going to be several cleaners that might qualify as the best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair. Also do not necessarily rule out ones that do not brand themselves as pet cleaners. There are plenty of vacuums out there that may not specify they are for pet hair, but are still very effective at the job.

It is also true that there are many cleaners that purport to be good at pet hair removal and either are not, or loose performance over months or years of ownership. There are a few things you want to look for when you start your search and some questions you have to ask first. How big of a space do you need to clean? Is it for carpeted, hard floors or a mix? Are there are lot of stairs and how much weight can you carry when going up and down them? How much are you willing to spend? What extras, accessories or tools do you actually need versus ones you would like?

Budget will have a big impact on the vacuum cleaner you end up with. People shopping with a larger budget have more options and can go for big names like Dyson. If for example you have over $500 to spend something like the Dyson DC25 Animal pet fur, DC28 or the Sebo X4 are going to be a great buy that few consumers regret. If the budget is tight though there are cheaper models but these do have more of a risk at not lasting. However the Shark Navigator is popular with consumers on a budget who have pet hair to deal with.

Three key things to consider with a vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair

  1. Allergies
  2. Suction
  3. Attachments/tools


The key kind of filters you want to look for in your vacuum cleaner are HEPA ones. These are the best at trapping even microscopic bits of dust, hair and pollen so that it stays in the vacuum cleaner and does not go back onto your floors. This is a great things for people with allergies as it means there are less things around the home to trigger them. Whether it is pet dander, or pollen your cat or dog brings in from outside, a HEPA filter is the best option. Just brushing your rugs or beating them releases those particles and stirs up allergies, it does not remove them. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters do.


The best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair is going to need to have great suction. Only powerful suction is going to pick up that stubborn pet hair that clings so hard to the carpet, or is so worked in to the stairs. Suction is a lot more important to owners of pets than for those who just need a regular vacuum. Also remember there is a difference between power and suction so don’t see something with a lot of power and presume that goes to the suction. Most vacuum cleaners have 12 AMP motors that run them. But how the vacuum has been designed is going to affect the suction.


Most decent vacuums come with some kind of tools to aid in the cleaning process, and the best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair should also come with tools that will help. A rubber brush for upholstery and stairs for example, a crevice tool for getting into cracks and hard to reach places is another. Some manufacturers have more specific attachments or tools designed though such as the Zorb groomer that comes with Dyson animal cleaners. It conditions your carpet and de-odorizes it by lightly sprinkling in baking soda and makes sure that as the agitation starts and particles are released they get sucked in.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

There are many good reasons to look for a vacuum cleaner that has focus on pet hair elimination. But for the best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair it is hard to get better than the Dyson DC28. Here is a quick look at why,

The Dyson DC28

While there are a lot of cleaners that might make some promises they cannot keep, the Dyson DC28 is certainly one that does what it claims and has a lot of pet owners very satisfied with their purchase.

There are several gimmick type products on the market that claim to pick up pet hair but nothing does the job like the Dyson DC28. The Dyson DC28 vacuum is probably one of the best choices when it comes to selecting the best vacuum for pet hair, if budget is not a problem. First of all it is super easy to put together. After you have clicked everything into place you have an easy to maintain upright cleaner. It is bagless so need to buy bags when you run out, just empty out the dirt canister when it starts to fill up.

This best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair has technology that ensures there is no suction loss so you do not have to worry that in a few months it will stop performing. Dyson also have the very effective root cyclone technology so that dirt and dust, even the fine kind that can often clog up other machines, is dealt with. Even the finest of dog and cat hair is not going to cause the DC28 to lose any suction.

The other thing this cleaner has that you should want from your pet hair vacuum cleaner is a HEPA filter, but this one is a lifetime time washable one. There will be no need to buy new filters, when it gets dirty just give it a rinse under the water to clean it out. Just make sure you let it dry before you put it back into the vacuum.

With a button push you can switch between carpeted and non-carpeted flooring. While it is a weighty vacuum, coming in at 28 pounds it is self-propelled so it will almost glide itself over your flooring without you needing to push and pull it and use a lot of effort. To reach places that are harder to clean there are attachments that come with it to use such as the mini-turbine head tool, which is perfect for collecting the hair off of upholstery and stairs.

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