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Bissell ProHeat 2x Review

The Bissell Proheat 2X series of steam cleaners are very versatile and effective. There are five models in the series all at various costs and with different accessories and features to suit the needs of the buyer. This series of machines have good reviews from both home users and professional cleaners, are easy and simple to operate and come from a trustworthy brand. The occasional time when something has gone wrong it has been straightforward to fix with a few steps or adjustments. So lets look at the range of features you can find with this series.

The Features Of The Bissell Proheat 2X Vacuum Cleaner Series

Some models in the Proheat 2X series come with several special features that are harder to find on other competing machines. For example most other cleaners use water at room temperature to clean, which works to a point, but to clean really well and kill more germs heated water would be better. This is what you can do with mid to high end model in this series, you can bring the water temperature up to 25 degrees. If you need the water cooler because you are cleaning something more delicate you just turn off the heating feature and use room temperature water.

You can also count on getting a lot of brush cleaning power too. Unlike other steam cleaners for the home that just use suction to pick up debris and spills, the Proheat 2X use strong brushes as well so that fibers are actually moved and cleaned so you are getting the cleaning solution deep down into the carpet. Just as a warning though some owners have found that on delicate carpets this extra deep cleaning can cause some damage to the carpet fibers, with carpet fibers being pulled out as well as dirt, so you may want to just use it on carpets that are sturdier and can handle it.

You can set the Bissell Proheat 2X to one of four heat settings depending on what kind of cleaning you need it to do. Those four settings range from just a light clean, to a regular clean, a heavy duty clean then a rinse setting. Bissell really seems to understand that we need our cleaners to do more for us and be more versatile and as the premier company they are, they have designed accordingly. Other great and very useful features include the ability to stream extra cleaning solution onto a stubborn stain with the Cleanshot feature in the top end machine, and the cleaning solution goes into a compartment that is separate so that should you want to rinse it out you can do.

Attachments that come with the machines vary but are all useful and include an upholstery brush, a stair tool, a tough stain tool, a mesh bag, a crevice tool and a TurboBrush. There is also a system in the high end machine that distribute hot air around to reduce the time it takes to dry after the cleaning has been done called the Dry Aire system. Very useful since otherwise a properly cleaned carpet can take a while to dry all the way through. One other thing to note about the Proheat 2X though is the size, some are a little bulky and require some strength to use so make sure you test the models out.

The Proheat 2X models

Model 9200

This basic model is ideal for people with basic needs and those who are on a budget. There are two basic machines you can get, the Blue Illusion and then the 9200-T (titanium). The main difference between these two basic models is that the T model comes with an extra attachment for cleaning bare floors. They sell for less than $250. You get a machine that will separate clean water from dirty water, has ten-row brushes that revolve, heavy duty bladders, perform rinse cleaning only or use cleaning solution. They both also have a port where you can plug in your own extra hoses or hand held attachments for cleaning areas other than the floor.

The Bissell 9200

Model 9400

The Select mid-ranged model comes with the heater that will raise tap water to 25 degrees mentioned above. It comes with an upholstery hose that reaches to 9 feet, has twelve-row revolving brush (two more than the basic model), comes with the powered hand tool the TurboBrush, a stair tool that is 6 inches wide, a 3 inch bristle brush tool for those hard to get out stains and a sprayer for upholstery.

Bissell 9400 vacuum cleaner

There is also the Select Pet model which is as the name indicated geared towards pet owners. This comes with a special coating to protect the machine from mildew, bacteria and other problems pet clean ups can leave behind. Apart from this coating and the fact this model does not come with a bare floor tool there is no real difference between the mid range models here apart from the price of the pet model is actually lower.

The CleanShot

Bissell CleanShot Model

This top ranged model has all of the extra features mentioned at the start of this review. Obviously that comes at a cost that is higher than the other models too, but considering what you get, the price is worth it. There is a flow gauge that indicates when water or cleaning formula is needed, only activated when the power trigger is being used. It comes with the DryAire feature, the water heater, and extra attachments and tools for all your cleaning needs.

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