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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Review

Electrolux have been around for a number of years in the manufacturing and selling of durable cleaners and have a good reputation. Many customers return to updating their machines remaining loyal to the brand because they are well made. There are even consumers who report they are still using a machine bought 30 years ago and it works just as well as it ever has. One consumer only replaced theirs after 20 years but still went for a new Electrolux vacuum cleaners rather than changing brands.

Changing over the years

With such good workmanship, design and development as well as having great durable cleaners from Electrolux it is no wonder they get such positive responses from customers. That does not mean their vacuum cleaners today are much the same as they were when first made in Sweden over 90 years ago. They have gone through a lot of change and innovation from those cleaners used mostly in Europe, then within a decade in Canada and the US.

In recent years AB Electrolux in Sweden offered Electrolux in Texas $50 million to change the name to Aerus. It was accepted but regardless of that name change it supplies Canadians and Americans with Electrolux and Aerus durable vacuum cleaners. What is interesting is while the items themselves have not much changed as a direct result of that name change, how they go about selling their products has.

Salespeople used to go door to door demonstrating and selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners to housewives. That then changed to moving the cleaners into department stores and promoting them there. However sales were not as good like this so while some remain in a few large department stores, most now are sold via franchise owned stores. Across North America there are now over 500 Aerus dealers. There is also more success today in online sales through their website though you do have to be registered to do so. If you click on the buy now link it takes you to the store that is closest to you otherwise. What is nice about going to a store is that you can still get that demonstration if you want it. You can also contract the company online for further information.

The Lux Classic

The innovative design of the first Electrolux cleaner in America ensured the tank attachment was easy to use and the machine was maneuverable. It is now called a canister vacuum cleaner and was called the Electrolux UltraLux 2000 now called the Lux Classic. It is still a popular model today but there are other products available too branded Lux that still have that reliability that the Lux Classic is known for. From the classic canister style to uprights, lightweights and various designs. It is even working on the development of a robotic cleaner though this is not yet available for purchase. It is a cutting edge design and will offer people another option for cleaning their floors with the advantage of needing nothing more than programming and emptying from you, as it will return itself to its charging station when its battery is low.

Today’s Options

As well as styles of cleaners to choose from there are various options in what features you want from it too. If you want something that does not make a lot of noise there are ones are not as loud, some can be recharged, some have retractable cords, some have extra long cords, some have bags, some are bagless, some have HEPA filters, some use cyclonic technology. Other features you can look for are expandable wands, guards and soft wheels so that there is less scuffing and damage done to walls and furniture and lights so that you can see into darker areas when cleaning. You can even get models that alert you to when they need a bag change and some are more flexible when it is time to be stored.

Electrolux Oxygen Ultra

This is a canister vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA 13 filter that is washable. This means it is a great model for allergy sufferers and asthmatics as HEPA filters pick up the smallest of particles and ensure they do not escape from the vacuum. Any allergens and dirt that have been bothering you are your family can be collected with this machine. Being washable means there is no need to keep replacing it either, just clean it when it starts to get too dirty.

Electrolux Harmony

Another canister style durable vacuum cleaner that is popular with consumers. The motor is silent which is great for people who work shifts, have little ones that go to bed early, or have neighbors who are anti noise! The Harmony EL6985 also is perfect for storing away in small spaces and has a self parking feature!

Electrolux Pronto

Some people are looking for a durable cleaner that is also lightweight, sometimes because they have less strength in their arms and hands, or sometimes because they want something separate for stairs and spot cleaning. The Electrolux Pronto is a light vacuum cleaner that is easy to move around to pick up spills and other smaller jobs. It can be recharged, it is bagless so need to remember to buy the bags or change them out. It is great to use as a crevice tool and as a hand vacuum cleaner. It is rated by consumers at 3.5 out of 5 some noting that it is not great on rugs or carpeting.

Electrolux Intensify

This is a very innovative machine and one of their most popular models. It is an upright and has great suction power but easily folds away much like a canister cleaner, taking up less room. That better power does mean the Intensify comes at a higher price and being compact it will need emptying more often. It also uses more energy than some other cleaners from Electrolux.

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