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Eureka Boss Power Plus Vacuum Review

The lightweight model of Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D vacuum cleaner includes an allergen filter, dust cup that can be emptied easily as well as a crevice wand. The concept behind the design of this vacuum is to offer a vacuum cleaner with good performance and light cleaning. This machine does not offer too much but it actually looks like a hi-fi sweeper.

The Eureka Boss Power Plus Features

The color of the handle and base is light gray color and the body is somewhat vivid green color. The lightweight of Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D i.e. just 14 lbs. is another good feature.  Now let’s talk about its dimension which is 13″ wide x 12″ length x 42.5″ height. Due to its lightweight one can figure out that there is no heavy duty parts included in this unit. Some users think that this vacuum cleaner is very small that sometimes they may stoop over when they are using it.

There is a tiny 20 ft. cord included with the Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D and a small single motor of 12 amps. The width of the cleaning path is 13 inches. All these features are actually found on vacuum cleaners that are not so powerful and are considered as a hi-fi sweeper and not a proper cleaning device. It has a flip-bottom cup designed in such a manner to keep the operator dust-free when you empty the cup. Even it includes a crevice wand as well as dusting brush, but unfortunately these are of no use for cleaning due to limited suction. Even the sound of the motor is quite loud.

Most buyers find the Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D at the price of around $50 quite economical. According to most customers they don’t want to buy a machine with too many advanced features and they may end up buying something cheaper. One issue regarding this product is that it is disposable. If anything goes wrong with this machine and you need to get it repaired then you may need to spend a lot on it i.e. more than the price of the machine a $50 model. This model may easily crack due to the use of low quality and cheap plastic. Sometimes when you are operating the hose may drop from its handle also the extra attachments of the storage compartments. As a result of falling off of the hose its base the spilling of dirt takes place due to separation of hose from the device. There are other points too that does not make it a good choice like it requires replacement of a filter that costs $15.

In short, this is a device without bag and the one that you can easily carry up the stairs. There is one big issue that is important to mention over here that the replacement of the whole unit maybe needed within one year or less than that. This is a word of caution so that you may not regret later on after making your purchase.

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