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Hoover EmPower Bagless Upright U5269900 Review

If you are in the market for a compact vacuum cleaner that has excellent cleaning power you may want to have a look at this review of the Hoover EmPower Bagless Upright U5269900. It is a great vacuum for a very reasonable price of $100, it has a handle that folds for easier storage, it can clean regular and heavy duty areas with a power boost button that gives you deeper cleaning with improved suction and comes with other extras too. Usually this kind of vacuum on the market would be priced along with higher end machines which are something to keep in mind when you compare to other vacuums with similar features.

Hoover U5269900 Features

While other models at this level do have two motors, the EmPower has one motor that is a larger system. It also comes with a hush mode which does exactly what it says, it is a mode that makes the machine quieter as you vacuum. This is nice if you have a partner that works shifts, live in an apartment, or have children you want to avoid waking up. You can clean later at night or early in the morning if that suits you better and hush mode will mean you do not disturb others.

Another nice added detail is the power boost switch that Hoover has thoughtfully given us. If you are cleaning an area that is particularly dirty, perhaps you have pets and there is a patch of hair that is being stubborn for example, you can use power boost that gives a surge of power to the suction with just the press of a button. Also great if you have messy toddlers leaving a trail of destruction behind them!

The Hoover U5269900 has a very long 31 foot power cord meaning you can clean a large area of the house without having to swap the cord to a different power outlet. It saves you extra effort and time. If you have flooring and carpets at various heights this machine can deal with that too as it has a dial that can adjust the height setting through 5 options. You can use it on bare flooring all the way through to a shag carpet! When cleaning in a darker corner or under furniture there is a headlight to help you see what you are cleaning. There is no assembly needed, once you have purchased it you are ready to start using it.

Another excellent feature that Hoover offers is a tool kit that comes with the machine. It stores on the vacuum and includes things like a tool for pet hair cleaning, upholstery brush, and a crevice tool. For places that are a bit high or difficult to reach such as cobwebs, there is a hose that stretches too. One thing that is perhaps something to adjust to is where Hoover put the on off switch as it is not on the handle but rather on the front of the vacuum. This does mean if you roll over something you did not mean to like some wires, you waste time having to reach to the front to turn the machine off. Nor do you get features like brushed edge cleaning, self propulsion or other indicator lights.


However the above positive features on the Hoover EmPower Bagless Upright U5269900 make it an excellent cleaner still, especially since it is so easy to store and at such a great price. Hoover give you a one year warranty it and of course it is bagless so there is no need to ever have to buy vacuum bags again. Finally it does come with a lifetime HEPA filter too so great for people with allergies and no filter changing either. Overall this makes this a very good compact vacuum cleaner to buy.

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