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Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

This review of the Hoover LINX focuses on why it is one of the best cordless stick vacuums you can buy on the market today. Yes it is a little heavier than other stick options, it weighs in at a bit more than seven pounds which is around 1 pound or so heavier than other vacuums in the same category. But it is still light, very easy to carry or maneuver and with that slight extra weight comes double the battery life of other cordless stick vacuums and double the power. So let’s look at its other features to help you compare it to its competitors.

Features That Make The Hoover LINX Stands Out

First of all obviously this is a vacuum from Hoover, one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. The bh50010w comes with Hoover’s wind tunnel technology which means thanks to its excellent suction strength it cleans far better than other cordless stick vacuum cleaners. With the power in the LINX you can be sure to be able to clean up pet hair, cat litter, crumbs, sand as well as your dust and other dirt. It has great edge cleaning too because of its edge clean bristles and it is very easy to move from one type of a floor to another.  With just a finger you can change the brush system to do your hardwood flooring and your carpeting.

The Size

The fact that it is small is an advantage not a disadvantage as it means the Hoover LINX can reach spots or areas other larger cleaners tend to miss. As mentioned it is lightweight so anyone can use it, from seniors down to getting your kids to clean the floors for you as part of their chores! As well as being able to switch from hard to carpeted flooring it can also switch from being used on wet and dry surfaces. This is a vacuum that can go and do whatever you need it to. It has a low-profile base so it can get into the really tricky spots like under the front of the couch. Plus since it is a cordless vacuum you do not need to keep moving a cord around or swapping from one power outlet to another.

The Battery

The battery that comes with the Hoover LINX cordless stick vacuum bh50010w is lithium-ion so you will not gradually lose suction power as the battery loses charge. What happens is for 98% of the charge the machine will operate at full power, but then the motor will stop as the vacuum deems it needs recharging. This is totally unlike other cordless vacuums where often at 50% of battery power the machine starts to lose power and performs less effectively. The battery is very easy to charge, just a simple case of removing it from the stick and fitting it into its charger. When the battery is in there will be a clear clicking sound and then a blue light will appear to signal that it is charging. It takes between two to three hours to charge and when it is ready that same blue light will start to blink at you. Keep in mind that the first time you ever charge it, it can take a little longer.

The canister where the dirt collects on this cleaner is a better size than on many other sticks and it is very easy to take off to empty. The foam filters have a small issue in that they take some time to dry after they have been cleaned but replacement ones are cheap to get should you need to, so an easy way to deal with this is buy a spare and then rotate them.

Additional Features

Other features include a switch to turn the brush-roll on and off, a wide mouth nozzle of eleven inches, it stands upright on its own so you do not have to lean it on walls when you are not holding it. It is very easy to store being only 11x8x42 and it automatically adjusts its height according to the user’s height. This means anyone of any height can use it without having to stoop and getting a sore back. The handles are also very comfortable, you will not find your hands sore or aching while holding it as they come with soft comfort grips.

The Hoover LINX has many advantages over its competitors. Perhaps one thing that an owner might have issues with apart from the time it takes a filter to dry is that it comes with only one battery. It would be nice if Hoover could take this feedback on board and sell it with two batteries so that you can clean with one while the other is charging. However this is a small thing compared to its many other advantages and is easy to get around. The LINX is certainly worth its price and if you are looking for a stick vacuum that is cordless it is the best option on the market.

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