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Hoover Savvy Bagless Upright U8174900 Review

If you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner within the range of $150 to $200 the Hoover Savvy Bagless Upright U8174900 may be one you want to learn more about. The following article is an honest review of this upright cleaner, including its strengths and weaknesses.

Is The U8174900 Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

As with other Hoover vacuum cleaners this comes with its patented WindTunnel technology. This technology and the two air paths it creates work together to make it quite a powerful machine. It has powerful suction and is effective at deep cleaning carpets or working on bare floors. This is possible because it has a switch the owner can use to move from one type of floor to another. Another positive factor is the bagless dirt cup that is actually a twin chamber and is very simple to empty. You do not need to get replacement bags for this vacuum and the Hoover Savvy also has the HEPA filter, which is a must have for people with allergies as it removes pollen and dust mites.

Unique Feature Of The Hoover U8174900

This Hoover upright has a rather interesting feature which they have called the Embedded DirtFinder. Basically the machine will indicate to you via a green light coming on that the carpet is now clean. Owners are quite able to clean under chairs, the front of the couch and so on because of the Savvy’s low profile hood. Plus it comes with a tool kit attached on board and has a 31 foot cord. This is a bit longer than other models from other manufacturers. It has a 15 inch cleaning path and in its accessory kit is included a hand tool that is also powered, for cleaning stairs and your upholstery. Hoover also claims that the belt on the Savvy Bagless Upright U8174900 will last for a lifetime.

But there are some issues so lets start with that belt claim. Whether they have done something to the belt to make it more durable or not we do not know, but it can break and has actually done so for some customers. It is not easy to replace yourself so you may have to call out someone to do it. While that should be covered in the warranty some reviewers have had problems with Hoover agreeing to cover these repairs. Make sure then that you hold on to all the important paperwork if you purchase this vacuum. The problem here is what we think lifetime means is not what the company thinks it means.

Other cons about the Savvy are that it is a heavy upright and can become difficult to manoeuvre after you have been using it for a while. Apart from that useful hand tool, which is great for cleaning pet hair off the upholstery, the rest of the tools are a bit over complicated and the hose attachment is not as long as some other vacuums. While it looks like a quality cleaner some of the plastic dials and knobs when seen up close look and feel cheap when compared to competitors.


As a whole the Hoover Savvy is an affordable upright cleaner, it has excellent suction and cleans well. But when you compare it other uprights on the market it is missing some features and there may be other manufactures that are more dependable.

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