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Miele S4210 Carina Galaxy Canister Review

This article is all about why the Miele Carina Galaxy vacuum cleaner is the perfect compact vacuum cleaner for small home owners and people living in small living quarters. This is because being compact it stores anywhere you want it to, it is light so anyone can use it and move it around and at just 10 pounds in weight you can vacuum your whole house without any struggle at all. But there are other things that are great about the Miele Carina Galaxy so read on.

Small home owners need the Miele Carina Galaxy vacuum cleaner

The Carina Galaxy is best suited to homes that have smooth floors or carpets that are low profile. People with pets can use this cleaner as it does pick up normal dirt and debris as well as pet hair. Unlike some larger vacuums that cannot pick up larger particles of dirt, the Galaxy can. While it does not come with the prized HEPA filter feature as it comes with a Miele bag, it is actually possible to upgrade to the HEPA if you want to. This is a good option to take if you or anyone that lives with you has allergies or is asthmatic. The cost is only a little more and the benefit to those who need it is great.

Suction Power

The first that people tend to ask about any vacuum is how powerful is its suction. This Miele model has a 1200 watt motor so it has great suction and will be able to clean your floors with no issues. That powerful motor does not mean that it is too loud though, the machine is relatively quiet to run, it should not bother neighbours or your dog! The speed of the airflow is 135 CFM and it can clean a space of almost thirty feet. That means in a small home it should easily reach to clean each of the small rooms.

A great feature this compact cleaner has is its ability to turn 360 degrees, so you can reach in and around places like no other cleaner. There is no need to lift and manoeuvre, it can get the hard to reach places with ease. Your stairs, the corners of the room, under the table will all be clean in no time. It comes with a telescopic wand that reaches for 41 inches so that means cobwebs are gone too. If your curtains get pet hair on them, or your couch, use the Carina Galaxy.

Once the vacuum gets full an indicator light will come on to let you know it is time to change bags. This saves you time trying to work out whether you can vacuum one more room or not. Optional accessories are available to choose from too such as a hand turbo brush, an Accu Nova Electro Brush, a Parquet floor brush, a Turbobrush and a mattress brush depending on what your cleaning needs are.

Superior Miele warranty

Miele offer a one year warranty on labor and parts and a seven year warranty on the motor. This means in the unlikely event something went wrong you can get it repaired or replaced for free during that time. These cleaners get excellent reviews and ratings from existing customers and are hailed as one of the more lightweight and reliable compact vacuum cleaners you can get. If you upgrade to the HEPA filter it is perfect for people with allergies. In fact the only downside to the Miele S4210 Carina Galaxy is its price, as it is a little higher than its main competitor, Hoover.

If you are still interested in this great little vacuum cleaner than take a look at Amazon for some tempting deals. In very little shopping time you can buy the vacuum you need with no hassle of walking around stores and being bugged by sales people! Plus at Amazon you will get a great price as well as free shipping which is a hard combination to ignore.

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