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Prolux 7000 Vacuum Review

For allergy sufferers and asthmatics looking for a decent vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filtration system you may want to check out the Prolux 7000. There are people with non-allergic asthma, where it is not triggered by allergies but rather by things like stress or anxiety or even very cold air. But for those who do have allergic asthma, or allergies to things like pollen, pet dander and dust mites a decent sealed HEPA filter vacuum cleaner can make a big impact on how bad your reaction is in your own home. This article takes a closer look at how the Prolox 7000 vacuum cleaner performs.


The Prolux 7000 vacuum cleaner is an upright that comes with features that make it a very decent purchase. That HEPA filtration system means that the filters it uses reach HEPA standards in efficiency which is the best you can get in a vacuum cleaner. They will collect and trap particles as small as 0.3 microns and that fact that it is a sealed system means what goes in, does not escape out again. There is no escaping dust or dirty air coming out of the Prolux vacuum unlike other systems that do have a certain amount of allergens escaping.

The bag inside is disposable made from filtration fabric that is dual layered so that there is no risk of bags always breaking. With the cleaner come 6 of these bags included in the price. To ensure that those particles do not get to the motor the HEPA system has a bypass so that with the motor enclosed and safe it all goes to that bag. This means the motor lasts longer and also a good effect of the motor being encased is that it is quieter to use. The motor that powers it is a 12 Amp and it is thermal protected. It has a seven year motor warranty as well as a bumper to bumper warranty too of a good three years. The Prolux 7000 is a machine made to last.


The cleaner is specifically geared towards cleaning carpets and it claims to be able to handle any thickness, from low pile to thick plush ones. Consumers who have bought it agree that it handles different carpets well thanks in part to the floating head that adjusts itself to different carpet types, you do not have to do anything. It can be used on hard floors though, it is just that there is no way to turn off the beater brush so there may be some flicking of debris that occurs. For prospective buyers who mostly have carpet around the home this vacuum is good.


The reviews and customer feedback for the Prolux 7000 vacuum are mostly very positive. It cleans carpets well, has good suction and power and a great warranty for example. A few things that came up though are that the brush roll can not be turned on/off for hard floors, it does not have a swivel head to make it more maneuverable and the cord does not have an automatic rewind. However while it might not have some of the bells and whistles it performs well. The auto adjusting features works and the long cord means there is not the hassle of having to change power points. Other features it has include a bottom plate made of steel, wands made of aluminum, LED lights, a very nice length power cord at 30 feet and an indicator light comes on when the bag is full. The bag is easy to access, and there are accessories that come with it that store on board the machine.


There are not a lot of independent reviews in this cleaner but when you look and customer feedback after they have made a purchase it is mostly positive. When you weigh those against the excellent warranty, fair price, and the HEPA filtration this is a great option for cleaning mostly carpeted floors. If you want an upright cleaner that comes with bags this is certainly one of the good options on the market. It is made well, of durable materials so though Prolux is not a brand that is as well known as some others it certainly makes a good upright vacuum cleaner. It scores an excellent 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon and can be found for a very affordable price of around $300.

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