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Sebo Automatic X5 Review

If you are thinking of buying a new vacuum cleaner and want something that not only cleans well but also is durable, easy to maintain and well designed, then you should look at the Sebo Automatic X5. This vacuum is all that and more, it has more than most other vacuums will offer you and is state of the art in its design. Plus it comes from SEBO a company you can trust who are well known for their dedication in creating innovative upright vacuum cleaners that always deliver what they promise. Buying a Sebo Automatic X5 is a wise choice and lets look here at why that is a fact.

Why you want the Sebo Automatic X5

This upright vacuum is not only great for cleaning open spaces on carpets and floors. It also comes with a suction hose and instant use wand that is fantastic for reaching those corners and nooks you might not otherwise reach. With hose and wand combined you gain a length of eight feet so you can easily clean the couch and chairs too. Got stairs to clean? No problem there is an optional nine foot hose extension you can attach so you now have 15 feet of hose clean with. And these are not the only attachments that come with the machine, there are others that fit into the hose or wand to make your cleaning an easy breeze.

Cleaning under the table is possible and even easy, you can use a handle to lower the profile closer to the ground at 51/2 inches. Or there is a middle position if you are cleaning rugs. You can also use the foot pedal to skip the middle stop position so you can go straight from regular to low. This means this upright can actually be stored under the bed in a lying down position. So if you wanted an upright vacuum but finding space in a storage cupboard was putting you off, it does not have to stop you anymore.

There is another way the Sebo stands out from other uprights and that is the automatic height adjustment feature. To ensure you get the best cleaning every time you use it, there are electronic controls that can change the power head up or down to the right brush height for whatever floor you are cleaning. So they will move to one height when you do your carpets, and then adjust when you do the hard floors. There are two green lights that indicate when the brush height is being changed to the right cleaning position. One for up and another one for down and they are clearly visible, so you know when both lights are off the optimal level has been reached and you can vacuum with confidence. When you do move from carpet to hard floors you can be confident that hair and other particles are not being kicked back, as there is a sealing strip behind the brush that makes sure the air flow is channelled properly.

Unique Feature

Another interesting feature the X5 has is that should something go wrong, like something is stucked in the brush, the machine will automatically turn itself off after flashing a red warning light. This means the chances of accidentally breaking the belt or the motor are greatly reduced. Also if the bristles of the roller eve get worn out a light will stay on to tell you to check the brush. When you have a look clean off the debris and see if that solves it. The vacuum will not turn itself off, it is just a warning light that a new brush may need to be installed.  That process is very easy to do too making the Sebo X5 one of the easier to use upright vacuums on the market. The stationary light is there to indicate whether something is malfunctioning with the vacuum while it is in its upright position. Sometimes, for example with long fibered carpeting, when the brush roller moves so it is off the floor you need make sure the locked upright handle is tilted back.

People with allergies looking for a vacuum that is particularly suited to their needs might also choose the Sebo Automatic X5. It has a filter system that performs S-Class filtration, meaning it is very efficient at ensuring all particles are collected. It does this in three ways, with a three layer filter bag, a micro-hygiene filter and an exhaust filter. Plus the belts are professionally designed to last a lifetime, there should never be a need to get it replaced.

The Automatic X5 is a remarkable vacuum cleaner designed very cleverly to out perform its competitors. Efficient, powerful, durable, easy to store, and easy to use with a variety of handy attachments this should definitely be on your to buy list.

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