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Shark Navigator Swivel Reviews

A well liked model in this popular manufacturer’s line of vacuum cleaners is the Shark Navigator Swivel. It is not a fancy model with lots of extra features but consumers are happy with its ‘never loses suction’ promise and the tools that come with it to help with additional cleaning needs like reaching small spaces between furniture, dusting bookcases, picking up pet hair or cleaning upholstery. Here we look at what it has to offer and also review how it compares to the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus.

Shark NV26 Review

There are two settings to choose from on this vacuum cleaner, one for hard or bare floors and one for carpeting. It does not adjust automatically, and it does not have different settings for different carpet pile depths. However the majority of owners who have written a review have said this is not an issue, that it performs well on various carpets and you will not miss those settings. Reviews also report it performs similarly to the Navigator Lift Away Professional but without that built in canister vacuum that you get with the Lift Away. If you are trying to choose between them and do not need that option or feature, the Shark Navigator Swivel is a better price and performs as well.

It is a bagless vacuum so no need to purchase bags when you run out and this also means it is an easy dirt canister to empty each time it gets full. On most occasions you do not need to get dirty, just open the latch to remove the canister and open it over a bin to let all the dirt and so on fall in. Then simply close and re-click it to the main vacuum. Some reviews have said that sometimes some larger debris or a wad of pet hair can get stuck so you do have to reach in to pull it out. But this is something that happens from time to time with any bagless cleaner.

The Navigator Swivel is not marketed as being a vacuum designed to deal with lots of pet hair, but most pet owners who have one have reviewed it is still effective for a low priced vacuum. Even fussier owners who refuse to leave any dog hair around the house have reported being satisfied. The turbo brush is effective at removing animal fur/hair from rugs, couches, curtains, chairs and anywhere else your pet may have slept or brushed past. If human hair is a problem this vacuum should be fine with that too as one reviewer said she was a hairdresser and used it in her salon.

Looking at the Swivel and the Swivel Plus

The Swivel Plus (NV46) and the Swivel (NV26) are both very similar but the Plus as the name suggests has a little extra and for that you have to $100 more. The Navigator Swivel Plus is a taller vacuum cleaner so better for people with more height so they do not have to lean down as far. It also comes with the HEPA filter, which if you or others have allergies, is something you want in a vacuum cleaner. A HEPA filter is more effective at ensuring small particles like dust do not get released as you vacuum. The other difference is oddly the Plus model has a shorter length cord at 25 feet. They both have the same motor though and the same attachments so cleaning power is not affected.

Pros to the Navigator Swivel

  • Performs well on bare and carpeted flooring
  • Can turn the brush roll on or off
  • Has a long cord and long extension hose
  • Good extra tools for cleaning
  • Low price
  • Bagless

Cons to the Navigator Swivel

  • No HEPA sealed system (if that is something you need other Shark models do have them as mentioned the plus, also the Navigator Professional and the Rotator Lift Away but you do pay more for HEPA)
  • Basic model so no extra features
  • Shorter in length than the plus model so taller people may have to bend more to use it


If you need a HEPA system this is not the vacuum cleaner for you. However if you are looking for an effective but low priced vacuum this is a good choice. Shark is a known manufacturer so it is backed by a warranty and the name should you need it. Those extra features come at an extra cost so if you are shopping for something effective on a budget the Shark Navigator Swivel is a good buy.

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