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Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaner was completely revolutionized by James Dyson in 1991 when he invented his first Dyson with its head of its time cyclonic suction. He and his team were the first to create a vacuum with centrifuge technology that had absolutely no loss of suction. The vacuum cleaner industry had been changed for ever, but this was only the first idea to come from Dyson, more have come over the years to improve the vacuum cleaner. Lets take a look at Dyson and his innovations and the best Dyson vacuum cleaners.

What So Special About Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

It is the patented Root Cyclone technology that sets Dyson vacuum cleaners apart from other vacuums. It can use g-forces of up to 200,000 to force out dirt and dust particles that are as small as 1/2 microns from the stream of air. There are also then three filtration layers that air is moved through the last one being HEPA filtration, which takes out debris as small as .3 microns. Most of the debris, pollen, dust, mold and pet dander that can be found in homes are not even that small. So it is highly efficient, with the added bonus of there being no bags to cause problems with the suction or to clog up. All particles go into the dust bin, which you empty as it fills so there are no nasty smells in your vacuum either. The filters are permanent and can be washed occasionally. With a Dyson the exhaust air is cleaner and smells better.

The dust bin the debris collects in was designed by Dyson in a clear plastic as the makers thought correctly we would want to see what we were cleaning. It is rewarding as you clean to see just how much dust you are able to remove from your environment, especially if you have pets and if you have people with allergies in the house. Since Dyson came out with the clear bin, other vacuums have copied this but since those vacuums lack the cyclonic technology they fail to match a Dyson’s performance let alone do better.

Dyson came onto the cleaner marketplace in a very significant way, and are known for their innovation. They continue to improve upon their designs and upgrade the features, pushing the boundaries of traditional vacuum cleaner design. The Dyson team have made their vacuums more powerful and able to adapt more to users needs. They are easier to use and far less clumsy to move around. Accessories, the hose and wand all store on the cleaner and are easy to pull off for cleaning purposes. For hard to reach places and cleaning stairs the hose and wand give 12 feet of cleaning movement. The Dyson ball improves manoeuvrability and makes navigating around furniture a less stressful experience for the owner.

With a firm grasp on what users want from their vacuums Dyson have also made sure servicing the machine is as simple as using it. For minor maintenance Dyson vacuums do not need to taken into a service center. Filters are easy to access and clean, each passage has easy access points to clean out any clogs, all the major parts of the machine can be easily released with a trigger pull or button push. All parts are made from durable materials to ensure it lasts the user a long time and performs at a high standard for its life span. They are all tested strictly and are backed by a 5 year warranty, one of the highest warranty lengths you can get from a vacuum company. This is a company that clearly has high standards for itself and the cleaners it makes.

Clearly there are a lot of positives about Dyson and about owning a Dyson cleaner, but are there any negatives to consider?

  • The cost is high. That is the main thing about Dyson, most of its competitor’s vacuum cleaners are cheaper, but when you break down exactly what you are getting with that higher price you will see that overall it is worth it. Plus you are far less likely to need to replace your Dyson within a few years.
  • For some the design or look of the machine is not to their liking.
  • Some people have issues with emptying the bin, though it is a simple process, push a button to remove the bin, another button for the bottom to open and the debris to fall out.

Best Dyson Vacuum Models

Dyson DC25

The Dyson DC25 is an upright vacuum cleaner popular with millions of owners around the world. If you are looking for a new upright and are thinking about buying this model here are some facts about it and why it may be just what you are looking for.

The DC25 is easy to manoeuvre and is slimmer and less heavy than many previous Dyson models. It is also easy to store in a corner of your cleaning cupboard. As with all Dyson vacuums it has the cyclonic technology mentioned above that gives it far superior suction power compared to other brands. This means all allergens, dust and dirt is sucked and stored in the cylinder, you do not need to replace bags, or worry about bags breaking in your face or clogging. In machines with bags a loss of suction can happens as the bag fills or clogs, this will not happen with the DC25. Another problem that can happen with bag vacuum s is that once they are full, the allergens and dust can be recirculated back into the air. But the DC25 has a clear cylinder you can see when it is getting full and is easy to empty. There is no chance of dust being recirculated into your air.

Another advantage to using a bagless cleaner is that you will not have to keep buying replacements. Those machines have an ongoing cost you should factor in when buying. You will need to replace filters too. There is no ongoing cost to keeping your Dyson going. And there is no risk that those bags or filters will be discontinued and you can no longer keep your model going.

The DC25 has a center of gravity that is lower than other vacuums meaning it is a vacuum people with back problems, or people wanting to avoid back problems, can use! It sits on a ball to move around so it can reach in more awkward places like corners, around chairs and under tables just by twisting your wrist. For places higher up like clearing out cobwebs or furnishings there is a telescopic wand that reaches up to 16 feet.

If you are on a very tight budget then this is not the cleaner for you, it is not one of the cheaper options. But if you have the extra money and understand you are making an investment then you can buy this vacuum with the confidence it will be reliable, easy to use and durable. You truly do get value for that money.

Dyson DC31

If you are looking for a handheld vacuum cleaner you may want to consider the DC31. Previous hand held Dyson cleaners have had problems with battery life but they have been working hard on that issue and in this model you can see that. The DC31’s charger is much improved and the battery life is now twice that of its predecessors. It is easy to use and hold and is great for those spot cleans, getting corners, cleaning furniture, drawers, keyboards, grout lines, stairs or even your cars. It comes with a on/off trigger action to help save the battery life as you move from one spot to another, and comes with the expected Dyson suction power and easy to empty canister when it gets full.

The DC31 is one of the smaller Dyson models, it is light, quiet and comes with a dual power setting. One is normal suction for regular cleaning needs, and the other is a stronger setting for tougher to remove debris like perhaps pet hair. You get six to ten minutes of continued suction, so you can spend 30 seconds on the couch crumbs, release the trigger to save the battery, go to the dog’s bed, 45 seconds on the bed, then move on to the next clean up. That is only just over a minute used up, so that 10 minutes while sounding like not a lot of time is actually plenty. You do not have to waste the battery letting it run while you move furniture before you can reach the spot you want to clean, or have to keep turning it on and off. You can set it down, then use it when you are ready. You can easily clean out the whole car, or do other household jobs with it in that battery time.

If you find that the DC31 keep shutting itself off but then turns back on when you press the on button, this means the battery likely needs to re-charge. This handheld does not loose suction or power when it is reaching the end of its battery charge, it is designed to just stop to indicate you need to charge it again. Sometimes you can re-start it for a small burst so you can quickly finish the area you were in, but then it is time to charge it. Dyson calls it their ‘no fade’ technology, they recognized how frustrating it was to be using a handheld and then have loose suction a few minutes in. The six to ten minutes is of full charge suction power.

Another significant factor about this small vacuum is the charger is not a bulky one. Like a laptop it has a cord that plugs in and the wall plug part of that cord will shut off after three and a half hours of charging when the handheld is fully charged. This means the battery life of this model should last a lot longer than previous ones. The model comes with directions that almost all in picture form and are easy to follow. It comes with a two position brush tool and a regular length crevice tool. Like all Dysons its price tag is in the high range, but it is certainly a vacuum that is worth its price.

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